China’s Export Control Law to Become ‘key dynamic’ in US Relations



CK TAN | Nikkei Asia

SHANGHAI — China’s new export control law, which took effect Tuesday, aims to consolidate existing mechanisms for safeguarding the national interest in response to foreign trade pressure.

The law will strengthen Beijing’s control over the flow of goods, technology and services. Subject to broad interpretation under national security, it raises concerns over additional trade barriers even as Beijing seeks trade deals with other countries.

Passed by the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress on Oct. 17, the law comes a year after the U.S. adopted export controls targeted at Chinese tech companies such as Huawei Technologies and ByteDance.

Military products, nuclear materials and items with dual uses in the civil and defense sectors are among the categories controlled under the law, which involves an extensive bureaucracy that cuts across departments under the State Council, or China’s cabinet, and the Central Military Commission.

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