China has done ‘good job’ upholding Phase One trade commitments to US, Lighthizer says



Brittany De Lea | Fox Business

U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer is pleased with the progress China is making toward following through on trade promises it made to the U.S. in the major Phase One agreement.

During a speech at the Economic Club of New York on Thursday, Lighthizer said Beijing has done a “pretty good job” fulfilling commitments – even against the backdrop of a global pandemic.

“In many ways it was March 1 before they [could] get some of their things in place, so if you look at what they’ve done since March, 1 – and given the context of this crazy virus – I think they’ve done a pretty good job,” Lighthizer said. “I think the people with whom I negotiated this are honorable people and want it to be a success.”

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