India-China Trade Strong Despite Border Tensions



Nirmala Ganapathy | The Straits Times

Trade ties between China and India remain strong, despite the border issues between the two Asian giants that led to their most serious clashes in recent memory last year.

China looks set to remain as India’s largest trading partner this year, based on current figures, after overtaking the United States last year.

Chinese and Indian media reported that trade had gone up 70 per cent year on year to at least US$48 billion (S$63.7 billion) in the first five months of 2021.

The trend underlines how the economic relationship between the two, at least when it comes to trade in goods, has held fast in spite of bilateral ties being weighed down by the border troubles, which led to the call for the boycotting of Chinese goods.

Nationalist sentiment also grew in India amid a push for “atmanirbhar”, or self-reliance.

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Image from The New York Times