China shipping: Yantian port delays already worse than those caused by Suez Canal debacle in March



Karen Yeung | South China Morning Post

The Port of Yantian, which is at the epicentre of China’s latest coronavirus-containment efforts, is creating massive headaches across the maritime shipping world and further complicating the process of reopening the global economy.

Disruptions to the supply chain for some companies are said to already be worse than those caused by the six-day blockage of the Suez Canal in March, which made global headlines and spawned countless memes on social media.

From June 1-15, a total of 298 container vessels with a combined total capacity of more than 3 million 20-foot equivalent units – the standard measure for freight container volume, known as TEU – skipped the southern container port in Guangdong province, according to project44, a shipping and logistics service platform.

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