China takes aim at Australian trade with tariffs as relationship sours



Maddy White | Global Trade Review

China has imposed an 80% tariff on Australian barley imports and banned beef shipments from four major producers in the country over compliance issues, delivering blows to both Australia’s agricultural industry and the two markets’ trading relationship.

“Australian barley has been dumped and subsidised, which caused substantial injury to China’s industries,” Chinese commerce minister Zhong Shan told reporters on May 25. Dumping occurs when a seller exports a product to another country below market price, driving out competition.

The outcome of Beijing’s investigation into the dumping of Australian barley, which began in 2018 and was concluded on May 18, means that Australian producers now face a 73.6% anti-dumping tariff and a 6.9% anti-subsidy tariff applied to all their barley exports to China.

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