China, U.S. Seek Broad Outline of a Trade Pact This Week



Lingling Wei and Bob Davis | The Wall Street Journal

U.S. stocks rose Tuesday as President Trump said he is willing to delay next month’s deadline for resolving the U.S.’s trade conflict with China if negotiations with Beijing are progressing smoothly.

Mr. Trump, asked whether the deadline for boosting U.S. tariffs to 25% on Chinese products would stay in place, said, “If we’re close to a deal…I could see myself letting that slide for a little while.”

“We want very much to make a deal,” the president said at a cabinet session, though he tempered that wish by saying the two sides are negotiating this week in Beijing and “we’ll see what happens.”

The president said he believed China wants to reach an agreement. The deadline for a pact is March 1, and if a deal isn’t reached the new tariffs are to be imposed the following day.

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