China Warns European ‘Haters’ Over Human Rights Sanctions



John Ainger, Alberto Nardelli, and Nikos Chrysoloras | Bloomberg

China warned the European Union not to interfere in its national security affairs, saying any sanctions over human rights abuses — based on “lies” — could fuel confrontation.

“I am deeply concerned about possible sanctions,” China’s ambassador to the EU, Zhang Ming, said during a European Policy Centre event on Tuesday. “If some insist on confrontation, we will not back down.”

The EU is preparing a slate of measures over alleged human rights abuses that could include sanctions on Chinese officials and entities, according to three people familiar with the preparations. The action would be related to Beijing’s alleged treatment of its Muslim minority in the northwestern region of Xinjiang.

China has denied that any personal freedoms have been restricted and has touted the benefits to people living in the region.

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