Could China and the United States do a deal to end the trade war before summer? China expert and former US diplomat says ‘yes’



Karen Yeung | South China Morning Post

  • Andy Rothman thinks domestic issues on both sides lead to increased motivation to make an agreement
  • Rothman was head of macroeconomics and domestic policy office of the US Embassy in Beijing.

A former US diplomat and China strategist has added his voice to the growing chorus of experts who believe a short-term resolution to the trade war can be reached within months.

Andy Rothman, who spent 17 years in the US foreign service, focused on China, and is now an investment strategist, said a deal could be struck by the summer, with domestic issues leading to increased motivation on both sides to make an agreement.

China is facing an economic slowdown that is beginning to show up in regional growth data, while the US stock market has been underperforming, as the long-running federal government shutdown continues.

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