Crunch Time Looms for Trump’s New Nafta



Jenny Leonard | Bloomberg

Signed by Canada, Mexico and the U.S. more than seven months ago, the new Nafta agreement isn’t so new anymore. But it may be close to grabbing the spotlight again.

With the U.S.-China trade war on autopilot, the White House is shifting attention back to Nafta’s replacement — known as the USMCA — and more specifically how to get the pact approved by the Democrat-led House.

Not everyone in the Trump administration agrees on how hard to push.

On one side, Vice President Mike Pence’s staff and others are exasperated with the slow pace at which Democrats are demanding changes and offering solutions. Those officials see one way forward: force a vote on the revamped North American trade pact as soon as this month. Next Tuesday is the first day Trump can send the USMCA implementing legislation to Congress, starting the clock for lawmakers to take it up.

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