U.S.-China Talks Will Be Difficult, But Re-engagement Is The Right Strategy, Expert Says



Abigail Ng | CNBC

U.S.-China talks will be “extremely tough sledding,” but re-engagement is the correct strategy to take, according to a vice president and managing director of a U.S.-based think tank.

Wendy Cutler of the Asia Society Policy Institute’s comments came after U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai on Monday said she is looking forward to negotiations with the Chinese.

Cutler told CNBC’s “Squawk Box Asia” on Tuesday that China is different from today than it was two years ago before the so-called “phase one” trade deal that was signed with the Trump administration.

Beijing is now very confident and has a “very hardline attitude,” said Cutler who was formerly Assistant U.S. Trade Representative for Japan, Korea and APEC Affairs.

“It’s going to be tough sledding, but then again, I think Ambassador Tai, by laying out the fact she wants to reengage with China — that is the right strategy for now,” she said.

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