Deputy Secretary Graves And NEC Director Deese Meet With U.S. CEOs Ahead Of Special Session Of The U.S.-Brazil CEO Forum



U.S. Department of Commerce

Today, Department of Commerce Deputy Secretary Don Graves, National Economic Council (NEC) Director Brian Deese, and Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade Marisa Lago met virtually with the U.S. section of the U.S.-Brazil CEO Forum to discuss opportunities to increase bilateral trade and investment with Brazil across industry sectors. The meeting was held in advance of a special session of the U.S.-Brazil CEO Forum, during which representatives from the Forum delivered a set of joint recommendations for strengthening the U.S.-Brazil commercial relationship to both governments.

“The Department of Commerce and NEC look forward to reviewing the Joint Recommendations. These Joint Recommendations, supported by the U.S. and Brazilian CEO leadership in the forum, play an invaluable role in setting goals to strengthen the U.S.-Brazil commercial relationship and deepen ties between our countries,” Deputy Secretary Graves said.

The U.S.-Brazil CEO Forum brings together up to 12 U.S. and 12 Brazilian CEOs to develop joint policy recommendations for the U.S. and Brazilian governments on ways to increase bilateral trade and commerce. The forum is co-chaired by the Secretary of Commerce and NEC Director on behalf of the U.S. government; it is co-chaired by Brazilian Minister of Economy and Presidential Chief of Staff on behalf of the Brazilian government. Mauro Gregorio, CEO of Dow Silicones, is the U.S. private sector co-chair and Marco Stefanini, CEO and founder of Stefanini IT Solutions, is the Brazilian private sector co-chair.

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