Donald Trump’s four-week time frame to end US-China trade war is an ‘uncertain timetable’, says state media



Zhou Xin | South China Morning Post

  • ‘Global Times’ editorial urges ‘patience is probably the most important thing’ after latest talks between US President Donald Trump and Chinese Vice-Premier Liu He
  • Newspaper, which is closely afflicted with the ‘People’s Daily’, sets out four areas that still need to be resolved

Donald Trump’s four-week time frame for the United States and China to settle on an agreement to end the trade war is not guaranteed, with an editorial in a newspaper closely affiliated with Beijing urging patience “as neither side has made any promise that there will definitely be a deal.”

US President Trump met Chinese Vice-Premier Liu He on Thursday and said that the two nations would know “over the next four weeks” whether a trade deal could be reached.

But while it is still uncertain when, or even whether, Beijing and Washington can reach a trade deal, the Global Times editorial appears to be an attempt to manage expectations.

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