Election process in Bengal is putting Bhutan-Bangladesh trade under pressure



Debasis Sarkar | Economic Times

With the rising mercury level around the election process in Bengal, life is getting tougher there for thousands of Indians involved in Bhutan Bangladesh trade. Geographically sandwiched between the two, India provides passage to the bilateral trade of which many Indians are indirect beneficiaries.

Landlocked Bhutan is almost completely dependent on transit passage over Indian land to touch Bangladesh. As per Bhutan Ministry of Finance statistics, the two countries enjoy an annual bilateral trade worth around INR 400 crore. Though not too big a figure for Bangladesh, according to United Nations Statistical Division, it is nearly 4% of Bhutan’s entire foreign trade.

“Interestingly, maximum portion of this trade activity on India land is handled by Indian operators including agents, transporters, packers etc.” said B. Pradhan, a transporter from important Indo Bhutan border town and trade establishment Jaigaon, adjacent to Bhutan’s Phuentsholling in the other side of Border.

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