EU appeals against Apple ruling in $15 billion tax battle



Silvia Amaro | CNBC

The battle between the EU and Apple on taxation is not over yet.

On Friday, the European Commission, which is the executive arm of the EU, said it would appeal a court ruling involving Apple and the Republic of Ireland. 

The EU’s general court ruled in July that the Commission had failed to prove that the Irish government had given a tax advantage to the tech giant.

The Commission’s team, led by the EU’s competition chief Margrethe Vestager, argued in 2016 that Apple had to repay 13 billion euros ($15.17 billion) in unpaid taxes to Ireland, after the latter granted “undue tax benefits” to the firm. 

However, both the Irish government and the tech giant contested the allegation. 

The European Commission will now take the case to the highest court in Europe.

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