EU Leaders Approve Sanctions on Turkish Officials Over Gas Drilling



Patrick Wintour | The Guardian

EU leaders have agreed to impose sanctions on an unspecified number of Turkish officials and entities involved in gas drilling in Cypriot-claimed waters – but they deferred bigger decisions such as trade tariffs or an arms embargo until they have consulted with the upcoming Biden administration.

The decision reached by the EU council after hours of heated debate disappointed hardliners such as France, Cyprus and Greece, which had pressed for more urgent and substantive action to express EU disapproval of Turkish foreign policy.

Nevertheless, the Turkish ministry of foreign affairs responded: “We reject the biased and unlawful attitude which had to be inserted into the 10 December EU summit conclusions after the pressure of solidarity and veto.”

The foreign ministry added that the decisions reached in the EU leaders’ summit were “unlawful” and “once again ignored Turkish Cyriot people, who are co-owners of the island of Cyprus”.

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