FENLACC to Create Commercial Bridge with China



Sofía Hanna | Mexico Business News

The Business Federation of Latin America and the Caribbean – China (FENLACC) addressed the initiatives the regions are taking to promote trade and business during the “Building Bridges with China” conference.

To highlight the importance of developing a bridge between Latin America and China, Nicole Wong, Former Director-General of Foreign Policy of Panama, showcased the diverse opportunities that are arising across the regions. China has the largest emerging middle class in the world and its government is currently working to improve the business environment for foreign companies. The main areas of opportunity are tourism, minerals, soybeans and derivates, meat products, value chains and infrastructure. Tourism remains a priority because it will be highly sought after once the repercussions of the pandemic recede. Wong also mentioned that this is the right time to start new projects with China as the digital economy is increasingly becoming stronger.

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