France says it could review bilateral deals with Britain in fishing row fury



Reuters Staff | Reuters

PARIS (Reuters) – France is ready to review bilateral cooperation with Britain if London continues to ignore the agreement reached over fishing rights in its post-Brexit trading relationship with the European Union, the French prime minister said on Tuesday.

Paris is infuriated by London’s refusal to grant what it considers the full number of licenses due to French fishing boats to operate in Britain’s territorial waters, and is threatening retaliatory measures.

“Britain does not respect its own signature,” Prime Minister Jean Castex told parliament on Tuesday. “Month after month, the UK presents new conditions and delays giving permanent licenses…This cannot be tolerated.”

Castex said France was going to bring the matter before a council composed of British and European representatives that oversees the implementation of the Brexit trade agreement and, if there is still no progress, would seek arbitration.

However, Castex warned that France could also review bilateral agreements between Paris and London across a range of affairs, without being more precise.

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