Brexit Freight System “will be ready on time”, Says UK Government



EU Today Correspondents | EU Today

The UK government has denied claims that its new freight management system will not be ready when the EU transition period ends on 1st January 2021, the BBC reports.

The so-called Smart Freight system should ensure that trucks are carrying the correct documentation before they travel to ports. The new system is designed to reduce delays at ports, and to better manage traffic into Dover and queues of lorries building up along the M2 and M20 motorways in Kent.

Truck drivers could face a fine if they arrive at ports without the proper documentation, but the government insists this will be a last resort, and unnecessary if they follow the rules.

Logistics UK, which represents freight businesses, said it was informed by government officials on Monday that a beta – or test – version would be available in December, but would not be fully operational until April.

In a statement, the Director of Policy at Logistics UK Elizabeth de Jong said it was unacceptable and a “massive blow to UK businesses and the economy”.

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