From AOC to Free-Traders, Freshmen Democrats Push for Changes to USMCA



Sabrina Rodriguez | Politico

Almost half of House Democratic freshmen have come out against the new North American trade pact in its current form, demanding that the Trump administration make the deal more worker-friendly before sending it to Congress for a vote.

In a letter to President Donald Trump’s trade chief, 27 Democrats said the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement must be renegotiated to include stronger enforcement mechanisms and labor and environmental standards, as well as cut out a provision tied to pharmaceuticals.

The new deal “is essentially NAFTA 2.0: while it includes some important improvements from the original NAFTA, critical unfinished business would perpetuate NAFTA’s damage,” the lawmakers wrote in the letter sent Wednesday. “The new text also includes new terms that we oppose, including some that would lock in high U.S. drug prices.”

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