IPPR: G7 provides opportunity to ‘green’ the special relationship and global trade



Cecilia Keating | Businessgreen

The UK should seek to revitalise the ‘special relationship’ at this week’s G7 Summit in Cornwall, by working with the Biden administration to push for a “bold new trade agenda” that advances global climate action.

That is the core recommendation from a report published this morning by the IPPR think tank, which argues there is significant scope for improved trade diplomacy between the US and UK now that the Trump presidency has ended.

The report proposes that the two nations should work more closely together to reform the World Trade Organisation’s rules to ensure they explicitly work to address the climate and nature crises, arguing that the UK and US governments should lead calls for the reduction in barriers in trade of environmental goods, such as wind turbines and solar panels, and promote the idea of a ‘climate waiver’ which would give countries more leeway to take climate action, for instance by subsidising industries, without instigating trade disputes and tariffs.

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