Global trade dispute picked as financial risk factor for S.Korea: poll



Xinhua News

The highest number of experts picked the global trade dispute as financial risk factor for South Korea, a central bank poll showed Monday.

When asked to list five risk factors that can damage the country’s financial system, 74 percent of 92 experts polled selected the global trade feud, according to the Bank of Korea (BOK)’s biannual survey conducted in November.

It was up from 67 percent of the respondents, surveyed six months earlier, pointing to the global trade spat as one of risk factors.

The result came as export, which accounts for about half of the South Korean economy, kept sliding for 12 straight months through November.

Fifty-two percent of the respondents picked the continued downturn of the domestic economy as one of five risk factors, followed by 40 percent selecting the global economic slowdown and the massive household debts.

Thirteen percent of the respondents saw a high possibility of South Korea facing financial risk within a year, up from 4 percent tallied six months earlier.

Fifty-three percent saw a low possibility of such risk, almost unchanged from 52 percent recorded six months ago.