General Motors To Source Rare Earth Metals Domestically For Its Electric Vehicles



Paul A. Eisenstein | NBC News

General Motors is accelerating its shift away from China and other foreign sources for the key raw materials and components needed for the millions of battery-electric vehicles it plans to roll out over the coming decade.

GM announced the latest of more than a dozen deals Thursday, saying it will purchase rare earth metals from the only remaining commercial mine in the U.S., while two new plants will provide the high-power magnets needed for its electric vehicle motors. Currently, finished magnets and raw materials, such as neodymium, are sourced largely from China.

“Our intent is we will have a fully resilient, sustainable, scalable and cost-competitive supply chain for the entire value chain through a North American-focused supply chain to support all of our EV production,” said Shilpan Amin, GM’s vice president of global product development, purchasing and supply chain.

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