GOP Senators Are in Open Rebellion against Trump over the Trade War



Tom Porter | Business Insider

  • Republican senators are openly criticizing President Donald Trump’s escalating trade war with China, warning that farmers in traditionally Republican rural states will bear the brunt.
  • “I’d say the farm community is right on the edge of having been as supportive as they can be before that begins to turn,” Sen. Roy Blunt of Missouri¬†told Bloomberg.
  • The president has pledged federal assistance for farmers affected by the trade war.
  • China imposed tariffs on US agricultural goods in retaliation for Trump’s first round of tariffs last year.

Republican senators are breaking ranks to criticize President Donald Trump’s trade war with China, with no end in sight for tariffs levied by Beijing against US produce.

Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa has been among the most vocal GOP critics of the president’s trade policies, which saw the US raise tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods on Friday.

On Tuesday, Grassley took the rare step of openly accusing the president of not listening to concerns he had expressed about the latest escalation of the confrontation between Beijing and Washington.

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