How the U.S. Election Could Affect Europe’s Markets, Economy and Trade



Holly Ellyatt | CNBC

The forthcoming U.S. election matters not only for the American people and the country’s economy; the outcome of the vote in November will also have a significant impact across the Atlantic.

Europe’s financial markets and economic prospects will be affected by whoever enters (or remains) in the White House after the vote, according to economists and strategists.

Market uncertainty

U.S. politics are a “serious risk” to Europe’s economy, according to Berenberg Bank’s Chief Economist Holger Schmieding. He warned this week that a contested election outcome could lead to “serious uncertainty and significant street protests” in the U.S. by supporters of the losing side.

“If the result is close in key swing states, the lengthy count of postal ballots would become decisive. This would delay the result and may well open the door to legal and other complications. In the end, the Supreme Court may even have the final say,” he noted.

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