Huawei’s Guo ups the ante in 5G war of words, accusing the US of wanting to suppress a rising competitor



Gareth Nicholson | South China Morning Post

Amid an ongoing campaign by the US to shut Huawei out of global 5G markets on national security grounds, Huawei’s rotating chairman Guo Ping has upped the ante by saying that US attacks are motivated by a desire to suppress a rising competitor in a strategic area of technology.

In an opinion piece in the Financial Times, Guo says the US has been undermining Huawei for years, pointing to a 2012 report by the House Intelligence Committee which labelled the company as a threat. The US has accused Huawei of stealing technology and violating trade sanctions and recently US vice-president Mike Pence said the company posed a “security threat”.
A US delegation led by Ajit Pai, Federal Communications Commission chair, to this week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona – the industry’s largest trade show where Guo himself spoke – repeated a call to keep Huawei out of global 5G networks.
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