IMF finds new reasons to worry about the global economy



Julia Horowitz | CNN Business

Davos, Switzerland (CNN Business) – The global economy is expected to pick up this year — but the International Monetary Fund is less optimistic about the recovery than it was a few months ago.

The group said Monday that weaknesses in emerging markets, such as India, and growing social unrest had caused it to downgrade its forecast for economic growth in 2020. The IMF now expects 3.3% growth in 2020, down from its 3.4% projection in October.

That would still mark an improvement from 2019, when growth likely came in at 2.9%, according to the IMF. And its economists note that some risks have eased.

Market sentiment has jumped on “tentative signs” that global manufacturing and trade will improve from here on out, the IMF said in its report. Monetary stimulus, “intermittent favorable news” on US-China trade negotiations and reduced anxiety about a messy Brexit have also improved the global mood.


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