Indian Tea Exports Likely to Fall Nearly 15 Per Cent in 2021



The Economic Times

The tea industry is bracing for a decline in exports to the tune of 30-40 million kg this year as compared to 2020, due to the availability of low-cost varieties in the global market and amid trade restrictions in countries that have traditionally been strong importers, industry sources said. The coronavirus-induced economic downturn in much of the world is also a factor for falling shipments, they said.

For the period between January to March this year, exports fell by 13.23 per cent as against the corresponding period a year ago, and by 29.03 per cent compared to 2019, as per Tea Board India data. Altogether, 45.86 million kg tea was exported from India between January to March in 2021. The figure was 52.85 million kg in 2020 and 64.62 million kg in 2019.

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