International Trade Crucial For Recovery In EU Spirits Sector



European Supermarket Magazine

SpiritsEUROPE, which represents producers of alcoholic spirits at the EU level, has identified international trade as a critical factor for the sector’s recovery after a challenging year due to the pandemic.

In 2020, the European spirits sector saw exports decline by 19%, according to a new trade report published by the body.

Commenting on the report, director-general of spiritsEUROPE, Ulrich Adam, said, “In the next decade, 85% of global growth will take place outside of the EU. International trade and the ability to export our products throughout the world will be more critical than ever before, not just for our sector, but for the EU’s economy as a whole.

“When companies export and invest abroad, they export high-quality standards, creating mutual benefits and paving the way for a sustainable recovery.”

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