International Trade Association judge sides with Knowles in dispute



Daily Herald Staff | Daily Herald

Knowles Corp., a maker of micro-acoustic microphones and speakers, Wednesday said a U.S. International Trade Association judge has ruled in its favor against a Chinese company it says misappropriated Knowles’ trade secrets to design and manufacture electronic devices.

ITC Chief Administrative Law Judge Charles E. Bullock issued an initial determination against Shenzhen Bellsing Acoustic Technology Co. Ltd., and its founder, Liang (Ryan) Li. Knowles said Bullock recommended two significant remedies in favor of Knowles, including imposing a 26-year-long general exclusion order barring the importation into the United States of Bellsing balanced armature devices that are made with, use, or benefit from Knowles’ trade secrets, as well as any downstream products, regardless of source, containing the offending Bellsing devices, such as hearing aids and wireless headsets.

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