Japan refutes S.Korean assertion on trade dialogue



NHK News

Japan’s trade ministry has hit back at South Korea’s assertion that Tokyo’s announcement about the resumption of bilateral policy dialogue on trade control is inconsistent with facts.

South Korea’s presidential office expressed regret on Sunday about the Japanese announcement which said dialogue would resume because Seoul had shown willingness to improve its trade monitoring system.

The announcement came after South Korea made a last minute decision to conditionally maintain a bilateral intelligence-sharing pact known as GSOMIA.

Japan’s trade ministry commented on its official Twitter account on Sunday that the content of the announcement was coordinated with the South Korean side in advance.
A senior trade ministry official told NHK that the ministry had explained the content of its announcement in detail to the South Korean side after a news conference last week in response to an inquiry from Seoul.

The official says South Korea’s assertion is regrettable and could lead to the undermining of trust.


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