‘Pandora’s box’ of Northern Ireland could be opened unless EU changes Brexit deal: loyalists warn



Guy Faulconbridge | Reuters

LONDON (Reuters) – Northern Ireland’s 1998 peace agreement is under threat and a “Pandora’s box” of protest and political crisis will be opened unless the European Union agrees to significant changes to the Brexit deal, a senior loyalist warned on Friday.

The 1998 accord, known as the Belfast or Good Friday Agreement, ended three decades of violence between mostly Catholic nationalists fighting for a united Ireland and mostly Protestant unionists, or loyalists, who want Northern Ireland to stay part of the United Kingdom.

David Campbell, chairman of the Loyalist Communities Council, which represents the views of loyalist paramilitaries, said he was calling for dialogue with the EU and Ireland to change the Northern Irish Protocol that he said had breached fundamental principles of the 1998 deal.

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