Nvidia Urges US to Exempt Graphics Cards From Trump-Era Tariffs



Michael Kan | PC Mag

Nvidia, HP, and Zotac are urging the Biden administration to temporarily exempt PC graphics cards manufactured in China from US tariffs. 

The companies made the request to the office of the US Trade Representative (USTR), which is considering reinstating exclusions to the Trump-era tariffs on certain Chinese exports. Nvidia told the USTR on Wednesday it supports reinstating the tariff exclusions, citing the lack of GPU manufacturing outside of China. 

“The products are not manufactured in the US and in only limited amounts in Taiwan,” Nvidia said. “Efforts to create new capacity in countries that presently do not manufacture such products (such as the US and Vietnam) were unsuccessful and were severely hampered by the fallout from COVID-19.

“Freight/air cargo was severely constrained due to the tremendous reduction in passenger flights which limited the ability to expand air cargo capacity in new sites,” the company added. “Given the limits on supply of semiconductors, it also would have been the wrong time to face lower yields that are associated with new sites.”

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