How Large Retailers Are Avoiding Supply Chain Woes



Will Kim | ABC News

Walmart, Target and Macy’s say they are finding ways to bring products to shelves in time for the holiday season even though supply chain issues are still impacting the economy and other companies.

All three companies boasted strong numbers and good sales in their respective third quarter earnings calls this week. The news comes at a time when some U.S. ports are still congested and warehouses are stuffed to the brim.

There are signs of progress, with imports down about 25% at the port of Los Angeles, the port’s executive director, Gene Seroka, said Tuesday. However, there are still tens of thousands of empty cargo containers that need to be moved from the port, continuing delays.

The remaining vessels in port are mostly smaller and belong to a mix of retailers both large and small, Phillip Sanfield, director of media relations for the Port of LA, told ABC News.

The Biden administration last month announced that the port would begin running 24 hours a day, but that has yet to happen. Nevertheless, big retailers are predicting a successful holiday season.

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