Russia and Moldova Agree to Resume Trade, Destroy Ammunition



Madalin Necsutu | Balkan Insight

Visiting Chisinau on Wednesday, a senior Russian official said Russia and Moldova have agreed to lift trade restrictions and could agree also on the disposal of stocks of expired Soviet-era ammunition stored in the breakaway Russian-supported Transnistrian region.

“We agreed to cooperate in mutual trade matters, duty-free trade and the lifting of restrictions for Russian exporters,” Russia’s TASS news agency quoted the Deputy Head of Russia’s Presidential Administration, Dmitry Kozak, as saying.

He also pledged “reciprocal moves of the Russian side regarding deliveries of Moldovan agricultural products to the Russian market”.

After meeting the Russian envoy, Moldova’s pro-Western President, Maia Sandu, said Chisinau wanted a pragmatic and constructive dialogue.

“We discussed several important topics … including exports of Moldovan agricultural products to the Russian market and the new contract for the supply of natural gas for our country. We also addressed the issue of settling the Transnistrian conflict,” Sandu said, referring to the breakway region.

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