‘We are struggling every day’: Supply chain crunch threatens to leave some of the neediest Americans without enough to eat



Gabe Cohen | CNN

Philadelphia, PA (CNN)The free food delivery that arrives at Beth Greenlee’s door each week is much more than an endpoint of the US supply chain. It’s her lifeline.

The 61-year-old has Stage 4 endometrial cancer and little income. For eight months, she’s been relying on food from MANNA, a non-profit that provides free meals to more than 1,200 of the sickest people in Philadelphia.
“I’ve even gained a few pounds in spite of my illness,” Greenlee said. “God only knows how thankful I am for the meals.”
But a crisis looms at MANNA. Their food costs are up 40%, they say, and by December they’ll likely have to stop taking on new clients — maybe hundreds of them.
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