Taipei’s offices and flats are in vogue as Taiwanese companies beat a safe passage home to flee Covid-19 in China, US trade war



Cheryl Arcibal | South China Morning Post

Heightened tensions between the United States and China and the coronavirus pandemic have spurred demand among mainland China-based Taiwanese individuals and companies for residential and commercial property in Taiwan, analysts said.

Enquiries have more than doubled in the second quarter compared with the first three months of the year, said Michael Liu, founder and chief executive of luxury property agency Jubon Asset Management and an affiliate of Christie’s International Real Estate. The demand grew out of US-China tensions and has been sustained by the outbreak on the mainland.

“Since the Taiwanese real estate market bottomed in 2016, the number of sales has been growing, especially because of the accelerated return of Taiwanese investors,” Liu said. “This economic recovery wave is expected to continue until 2021.”

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