The Case for Trade



World Economic Forum

A cutback in trade and investment threatens economic, social and environmental costs and lowers consumer benefits. Yet states fear threats to security and values from global commerce.

What new narrative is needed to revitalize the global trading system?

This session is directly linked to the ongoing work of the Trade and Investment Platform of the World Economic Forum.


Martin Wolf, Associate Editor and Chief Economics Commentator, The Financial Times

Veronica Nilsson, Acting General Secretary, Trade Union Advisory Committee to the OECD

Ahn Duk-Geun, Minister for Trade, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy of the Republic of Korea

David Schwimmer, Chief Executive Officer, London Stock Exchange Group plc

Katherine Tai, United States Trade Representative, Office of the United States Trade Representative

Sean Doherty, Head, International Trade and Investment; Member of the Executive Committee, World Economic Forum Geneva

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