The G20 summit is a reminder of how little the US is doing for American workers



Alexia Fernández Campbell | Vox

When world leaders convene at the annual G20 summit in Argentina later this week, they will have to confront an uncomfortable truth: They’re not making much progress in confronting global poverty and income inequality and meeting other sustainable development goals.

The US, in particular, is trailing every other country in the group. The United States scored the lowest in a United Nations index that ranks how much action each government in the G20 has taken to meet development goals. And the US is failing nearly all of its goals related to creating more inclusive, sustainable job growth.

During the two-day meeting, world leaders will need to address how they’ve fallen short in delivering the promise their labor ministers made last year to “promote employment pathways for our societies and economies that foster strong, sustainable, balanced and inclusive economic growth benefiting all countries and people so that no one is left behind.”

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