The Trade War Whisperer Battling Trump – One Factory at a Time



Daniela Wei | Bloomberg

U.S. President Donald Trump’s $250 billion economic battle with China has run into a one-man obstacle. A trade-war whisperer working for the other side. From a Hong Kong apartment, entrepreneur Ben Chu runs contract negotiation lessons online for Chinese factory owners and businesses to give them a leg up with American buyers. The 40-year-old is emerging as a resistance leader among small local manufacturers grappling with U.S. tariffs — and he’s beaming a clear message to his followers. China has the upper hand so get out there and cut a better deal, he tells his classes. In the intensifying trade conflict, Chu’s muscular in-your-face approach has struck a chord on the front line. He’s racked up 20,000 online followers and he says more firms are asking for help. Some of his hundreds of clients, who sell goods to companies including Apple Inc. and Walmart Inc., boast of landing larger orders and of staring down requests to cut prices. Read more here