Theresa May’s Brexit ‘bribes’ will not be enough



James Blitz | Financial Times

Theresa May is stepping up efforts to try to get her Brexit deal passed when it comes back to the Commons in eight days’ time. And two stories this morning throw light on how the PM and her allies are trying to bring MPs of all parties into line.

First, there is the FT’s scoop today about what chancellor Philip Hammond will tell MPs in his spring statement on March 13, just one day after the meaningful vote on Brexit on the 12th.

According to the FT, Mr Hammond is letting it be known that the UK is set to receive a multibillion-pound windfall for the public finances — but only if Mrs May’s deal is passed.

And what if MPs vote the deal down and allow a no-deal exit to happen? The chancellor’s message is that this would put at risk billions of pounds of extra spending on schools, police and other public services.

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