Thousands of Companies Sue US Over China Tariffs



Aime Williams | Financial Times

More than 3,500 companies have filed lawsuits against the US government over its tariffs on China in recent weeks, demonstrating the extent of unhappiness among businesses over Donald Trump’s trade wars.

Coca-Cola, Disney and Ford are among the many large multinational corporations to launch legal proceedings, while US-based Abbott Laboratories, a leading manufacturer of coronavirus tests, has also filed a complaint. 

Lawyers say the companies, which include household brand names alongside small US manufacturers, have created an unprecedented caseload over a short period of time after lodging their complaints with the New York-based International Trade Court.

“I am completely blown away by the number of cases being filed,” said Nasim Fussell, a lawyer with Holland & Knight who was the top trade counsel for the Republican-controlled senate finance committee until last month.

“I just think the sheer number is very descriptive of the pain that this has caused,” said Ms Fussell, referring to the administration’s tariffs on Chinese imports.

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