China ‘Coercing’ Thousands of Tibetans into Mass Labour Camps – Report



BBC News

China is coercing hundreds of thousands of people in Tibet into military-style training centres that experts say are akin to labour camps, a study has said.

The report by the Jamestown Foundation is based on state media reports, policy documents and satellite imagery which Reuters news agency has corroborated.

The study also compares the situation to what has been documented among ethnic Uighurs in the Xinjiang region.

Chinese authorities have not yet commented on the findings.

The push to retrain rural workers is closely linked to President Xi Jinping’s vow to eliminate poverty in China this year.

Remote and mainly-Buddhist Tibet is governed as an autonomous region of China, which is accused of suppressing cultural and religious freedom there.

Beijing says it is fostering progress and development in the Himalayan region.

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