Trade groups renew call for liability protections



Theodoric Meyer | Politico

TRADE GROUPS RENEW CALL FOR LIABILITY PROTECTIONS: More than 200 trade groups representing much of corporate America are urging Congress to make it harder for those sickened by the coronavirus to sue businesses, nonprofits and schools. “Absent a targeted safe harbor for those that work to follow applicable guidelines, the fear and uncertainty from boundless liability threatens to impede our country’s social and economic recovery,” wrote the trade groups in a letter to lawmakers.

The letter, sent this morning, asks for broad protections for businesses, nonprofits “and educational institutions that work to follow applicable public health guidelines against COVID-19 exposure claims.” The groups also want specific protections for “healthcare workers and facilities;” “manufacturers, donors, distributors, and users of vaccines, therapeutics, medical devices,” personal protection gear and supplies such as hand sanitizer; and “public companies targeted by unfair and opportunistic COVID-19-related securities lawsuits,” according to the letter.

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