Trump’s New Nafta Running Out of Room to Find Path in Congress



Jenny Leonard , Andrew Mayeda , and Mark Niquette | Bloomberg

  • Biggest hurdle is educating new lawmakers on trade priorities
  •  If no deal by August, it may languish before 2020 elections

For President Donald Trump’s new North American trade accord to become law, he’ll need the help of a political rival with a track record of blocking such deals.

In 2008, Nancy Pelosi was House Speaker when Democratic lawmakers denied President George W. Bush’s request for a vote within 90 days on a trade pact with Colombia. The rejection delayed approval of deals the Bush administration negotiated with South Korea and Panama, though all three were later ratified.

Once again Speaker, Pelosi will play a pivotal role for Trump’s renegotiated accord with Mexico and Canada, renamed the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, which isn’t one of her legislative priorities. It’s a change of pace from the frenetic year of negotiations that led to the deal being signed by leaders from all three countries in November.

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