U.K. Parliament Prepares to Seize Control: Brexit Update



Alex Morales and Ian Wishart | Bloomberg

Theresa May must confront on Monday her increasingly mutinous Cabinet and the latest attempt by Parliament to seize control of the Brexit process. The EU said it’s now prepared to handle the U.K. leaving without a deal, a scenario it described as “increasingly likely.”

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Key Developments:

  • May to host Cabinet on Monday morning after weekend newspapers were filled with reports about ministers plotting to unseat her
  • House of Commons votes tonight on next steps for Brexit — including an attempt for Parliament to seize control of proceedings
  • EU steps up no-deal planning, including fact-sheets for citizens
  • DUP official predicts May has no chance of getting deal approved

DUP Sees No Chance of Deal Being Approved (12:10 p.m.)

Theresa May has no chance of getting her Brexit deal through Parliament as things stand, according to a Democratic Unionist Party official. Nothing the prime minister has offered so far would dampen the DUP’s objections, the person said, noting that there was no further effort by the government over the weekend to persuade the party to back it.

Asked how events could play out, the official said there’s a chance of a no-deal Brexit, and that given the multiple factions in Parliament, it was unlikely politicians would agree on a single way forward. The person predicted even more chaos if Parliament takes over the process.

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