UK wants prized post-Brexit US trade deal. But can it stomach American chlorinated chicken?



Hilary Clarke | South China Morning Post

The UK government’s planned post-Brexit trade deal with the US has been threatened by a revolt among Tory peers and MPs in Conservative-voting country shires where there are mounting anxieties about a collapse in food and farming standards.

The much-vaunted agreement would be the biggest prize in a raft of trade deals the UK hopes to sign with Anglosphere countries once ties with the European Union have been severed.

However, the prospect of the UK market being swamped by “chlorinated chicken”, hormone-injected beef and livestock pumped with five times more antibiotics than is legal in the EU has raised concern even among diehard government supporters. In the US, factory-farmed chickens are doused with bleach to kill bacteria, a process banned in the UK under EU laws that bind British trading regulations until the end of the year.

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