UK, EU Head for Supper Showdown Over Brexit Trade Deal



RAF CASERT and JILL LAWLESS | Associated Press

BRUSSELS (AP) — The leaders of Britain and the European Union were meeting Wednesday for a dinner that could pave the way to a post-Brexit trade deal — or tip the two sides toward a chaotic economic rupture at the end of the month.

Early-morning comments from both sides insisting that it was for the other to compromise only highlighted the difficult task ahead for U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. They have just a few hours over a multi-course meal to unstick negotiations that are deadlocked on key aspects of the future relationship for the EU and Britain.

British officials said they hoped political pressure from the top could break the logjam, but the two sides gave ominously opposing views of the main sticking points — and each insisted the other must move to get a deal.

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