Brexit: It’s Nearly Now or Never for UK-EU Trade Deal



Laura Kuenssberg | BBC News

After months and months, and yes, months of talks, several sources have told me on Wednesday that the process is likely to be concluded in the next few days.

One ambassador told me there was a hope the agreement could be finalised on Friday, with another diplomatic source confirming a deal at the end of this week is a possibility – suggesting the agreement is basically done, even though “it could all still fall apart”.

As my colleague, BBC Europe editor Katya Adler, wrote earlier, the EU chief negotiator updated the bloc’s members in a video call today, and it’s certainly the case there are nerves on that side about how much he might give away.

It’s certainly not the case though the negotiators have managed to find ingenious solutions to every single issue raised in these vast talks that will placate both sides 100%.

But there are two very good reasons – aside from whispers from those involved – that a conclusion is now very near.

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