Boom! UK surge as economy growth outstrips every G20 nation – new data shows



David Atkins | Express News

Data from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) showed the economy expanded by 4.8 percent, between April and June. By contrast, China only grew by 1.3 percent, and the US by 1.6 percent.

Britain’s figure was the highest of any G20 nation, which contains the world’s leading industrialised economies.

The UK’s rapid coronavirus vaccine rollout, which has seen most of the population double jabbed, has been attributed to this growth.

This allowed lockdown to be lifted, with the final restrictions ending in July.

However, according to the Office for National Statistics, UK growth has since slowed dramatically.

It estimated the British economy grew by just 0.1 percent in July, as the ‘pingdemic’ hit and Covid cases surged.

As such the UK economy is still 2.1 percent smaller than it was before the coronavirus pandemic began.

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