UK-US trade could benefit state ag industry



Stephanie Hoff | Wisbusiness News

Post-Brexit, the U.K. is writing its own trade agreements that could benefit Wisconsin agriculture.

The pandemic’s disruption of the U.K. supply chain has led the United Kingdom to seek out more trade opportunities with the U.S., two British Consulate representatives explained in a recent Madison International Trade Association event. 

Brexit is the name given to the U.K.’s departure from the EU in January 2020. The two entities signed a trade and cooperation agreement on Dec. 24.

In 2019, the Badger State exported $1.3 billion worth of goods to the U.K., said Melissa Wooten, the senior trade policy advisor at the British Consulate. Those exports supported 7,000 jobs in the state and made the U.K. the fourth largest export market in Wisconsin.

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